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Where are your pump stations made?

All our pump stations are proudly manufactured in Australia.

Where do you deliver to?

We deliver all across Australia, from mining sites in remote WA to the suburbs of Sydney and everything in between.

How can I get a quote and what information and or documents do you need from me?

Please use our inquiry form which shows all the information we need to get a quote out to you fast.

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Which certifications do you have on your tanks?

All our tanks are certified under the AS/NZS1546.1:2008 standard. They are approved by NSW and SA Health. In addition to the standard, the manufacturing procedures are audited by SAI Global. And Every single tank is Ultrasonic tested for wall thickness. Feel free to call us if you would like to see the certificates or have more questions.

What certification do you have on your pumps?

We stock a wide range of drainage, vortex, cutter and grinder pumps to suit any drainage requirement. Some of these pumps have the IECEx Certification. This is the IEC system for certification to standards relating to equipment for use in explosive atmospheres.

What is the biggest tank size that you do?

Our Polyethylene Pump Stations range in size from 250L to 8,500L. We can accommodate to larger sizes. Please contact our team to discuss your needs.