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Pressure Sewer System

The Sewapress Transports sewage efficiently through long lengths of small diameter pipe!

The Sewapress pump system is the only pump in its class that can pump to a head of upto 80 metres at under 1L/sec, making it ideal for water authorities and councils.

The Sewapress pump is ideal for new or established domestic housing estates where the pipeline is of long length and small diameter, or where the static head is very high.

The flow from a positive displacement pump (the Sewapress) is more predictable than the flow from a centrifugal pump under varying operating head conditions.

This allows the pipeline designer more accurate calculation of flows from multiple stations, and most importantly maintains critical pipe cleaning velocities across all operating conditions.

The Sewapress pump is a unique combination of a helical rotor pump fitted with a grinder mechanism at the pump inlet. The pump is rated for flows from 0.62–0.93 litres per second with operating pressures up to 80 metre head.

The grinder mechanism reduces the solids found in raw sewage to small particle sizes that can be pumped in pipelines as small as 32mm diameter over lengths up to 6km.

A positive displacement rotary pump (the Sewapress) moves fluid using a rotating mechanism that creates a vacuum which captures and draws in liquid.

Small flow at high heads cannot be efficiently serviced by traditional centrifugal cutter or grinder sewage pumps, as low casing velocities can often cause pump blockages.

This is not a problem with the Sewapress pump system!!


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